Air Filter and Auto Service Equipment Manufacturer in China

Since 1995, Danfor International Ltd has grown its two main brands-Roadbuck and Fresh-to provide tailored and cost-effective solutions for auto service equipment and air filtration products. Through Roadbuck, we offer safe and user-friendly wheel aligners, alignment lifts, wheel balancers, tire changers and other auto service equipment so that your vehicles drive smoothly and won't wear out so fast. Our Fresh Air Filter brand manufactures air filters and filtration cotton, paper, mesh, and activated carbon for spray booths, and air purifiers for HVAC and ventilation systems in residential, public, and factory spaces to provide clean air for the environment and employees. Our customer-oriented service means we will work with you to find the best product for your needs-whether that's a standard model of filtration or auto service products or one we design especially for you. Contact us to learn more.

Danfor International Ltd.

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    1. Air Inlet Filter Media

      Air filter media is designed for the primary filtration or pre-filtration of common ventilation equipment and air control systems where there's heavy pollution
      Air filtration product have a large capacity to hold dust, they need to be replaced less frequently and so are more cost-effective;

    1. Paint Mist Arrestor

      Due to its low compressibility and great stability, this paint mist separator effectively captures and stores paint mist; The air inlet for this filter media is in green so it's distinguishable from the air outlet. This fiberglass paint arrestor can withstand temperatures as high as 170℃.

    1. Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

      Micro pleat HEPA filter has a dramatically high efficiency and low resistance to airflow and is able to trap dust and particles with diameters ≥0.3μm; With a thin body of 25mm, the air filter is lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Filtration Accuracy: ≥0.3μm (for main particles to be filtered out);

    1. G-301 3D Wheel Aligner
    2. G-301 3D Wheel Aligner

      3D measurement system: this advanced system takes the body of the vehicle as the benchmark and is highly accurate and reliable;
      The cutting-edge 3D system of the wheel aligner is low maintenance and accurate even after one to two years of use.

    1. R800 Mini 3D Wheel Aligner
    2. R800 Mini 3D Wheel Aligner

      As the auto industry continues to expand, so does the demand for more user-friendly service equipment that allows mechanics to do their work quickly and efficiently. Our mini 3D wheel aligner is designed to be highly accurate, easy to operate with an LED system, and long lasting.

    1. R500 3D Wheel Aligner
    2. R500 3D Wheel Aligner

      R500 3D wheel aligner is a standard 3D auto alignment machine we designed for high-end markets. Reliable and highly accurate, this aligner is easy to use and has a long service life, promoting work efficiency and ensuring that vehicles run safely without unnecessary wear on the tires.